What we specialize in?

Repair drywall and plaster holes in walls as well as ceilings. We can do all types of textures from smooth walls all the way through to textures like knockdown and orange peel. We focus on the small repairs from less than an inch in size up to whole walls.

When to call us?

1. If you have had a plumber, electrician or other service professional work on your home they may have needed to make holes to get their work done. We can help with this.

2. You are preparing to sell your home and you want to take care of a few dings and scratches in the home, so you get the best price for it. We can help with this.

3. You are moving out of a rental apartment or house and there are a few damages to the walls you prefer to take care of before the landlord or agent does their inspection. We can get these fixed, normally way below what they would charge you. We can help with this.

4. You have had a disaster small or large; from children hitting walls with baseball bats through to water leaks and floods. We can help with this.