Termite Damaged Drywall

Termite Damaged Drywall

Probably one of the most worrying and unknown animals that damage houses. Termite damaged drywall can be extensive and can go undetected for years.

What do termites actually do?

Talking only about drywall, they enjoy eating the glue and paper of the front and back of your drywall. From our experience it is mainly the front side they eat the most. The gypsum, that drywall board is made of isn’t really of interest to them. As they eat the paper front it creates a hollow between the paint (which they don’t like eating) and the gypsum in the drywall. This hollow is then a venerable spot makes the surface of your wall brittle. If you lightly touched in (or your kids do) then it would crumble.

How to get rid of termites?

So termite damage to drywall is only a problem to people who have or have had termites in there home. If you see the signs above then you may have termites. First off you need a pest control company. For our customers in Salt Lake County we would recommend Preventive Pest Control they can identify the problem, make a plan of dealing with the termites and carry out the treatment.

How to fix termite damaged drywall?

Firstly you need to identify all the areas that the termites have been eating at the drywall board. There isn’t a better way that lightly pushing on the lower parts of the walls around where the termites were known to have been. Where ever you find the drywall crumbles we can get it cut out and replaced with a new piece of drywall board. So the termite damaged drywall is completely removed from the house. The new drywall is blended back into the wall ready to be painted.

Here is a video below to explain and show you want it looks like to have termite damaged drywall. We are here to help with this and all your other drywall repair needs. Wall Fixers 801-883-9220