Price Examples

“How much will my drywall repair cost?” The question on everyones mind as soon as they realize there is a need to get drywall fixed. Of course you must make sure you are comparing apples for apples when you compare drywall estimates. We have over 100 reviews with over a 4.5 star for a reason, we do drywall repairs all day long making them look like they were never there. The guy round the corner may ‘know drywall’ but will you be happy when he’s done. When you want to be sure you drywall repair cost will be reasonable and the finish spot on, we are here for you.

Here are some examples to get a feel for drywall repair cost.

Foot sized hole in a ceiling

For this work:

Repaired to paint ready, with texture matched. Like it never happened. This hole is less than 2ft by 2ft and it does not affect the walls, the ceiling is a standard 8ft high. With a light texture.

Foot through the ceiling.

Total Cost: $425

(This our minimum price for work.)

Kitchen Remodel

For this work:

A kitchen remodel where the backsplash has been removed, the right hand side of the picture has been cut up by removal of the pantry. Repairing where the ceiling light is being removed. Smoothing over all uneven parts before the new kitchen is installed. Repaired to paint ready, with texture matched.

Kitchen remodel drywall repair

Total cost $850

Car Driven through a wall

For this work:

A car had gone through this wall, the hole was 7ft by 8ft. The wall needed, removal of the damaged drywall, reframing part of the wall, insulation installed, new drywall board, new baseboard, drywall on the back side of the wall and painting the whole wall so it matched. Putting everything back exactly as it was before.

Car driven through a wall

Total cost $1950

We could show you what they looked like once they were done but you would know! Thats the point right! Feel free to read all our reviews on review sites like Google, Home Adviser, Facebook and Thumbtack.

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