Damaged drywall corners? How to get repaired

We have all had it, damaged drywall corners!

Ether it is kids running around the house, bashing into corners with toys or moving furniture. Lets face it, it happens! We all want our houses to look beautiful but after ‘living’ damaged drywall corners are pretty inevitable.

This video is all about what to do when you have uneven damaged drywall corners and want them to be looking great again. You can follow along and see how the process works. As with anything that looks good in the end there aren’t any short cuts. We want to do this right for you and this is our normal process.

Often we hear, “can you just fill in the damage drywall corner and then I can paint”. Well of course you could but drywall joint compound is soft relative to the metal in a corner and as soon as is pressed on in the future the problem will likely reoccur. We remove the damaged section or whole length of the corner and replace it with another metal corner so it is strong again.

This type of repair to damaged drywall corners is usually requested by homeowners, looking to sell their home or certainly do a large paint of the house. If you’re in this situation and about to paint give us a call Wall Fixers 801-883-9220.