Drywall vs Sheetrock what’s the difference?


Drywall vs Sheetrock what’s the difference? Great questions, something we get asked all the time. The answer is pretty straight forwards there is no substantial difference to the building owner in the drywall vs sheetrock discussion.


What is Drywall VS Sheetrock then?

Sheetrock is a brand created by USG Corporation, it is a drywall board that they produce. There are some differences between USG’s products and there competitors like CertainTeed but to the end user of the home or office they are hardly noticeable.  The drywall vs sheetrock discussion is a bit like cornflakes manufacturers, at the end of the day they are pretty much all still cornflakes!

How we went from Plaster to Drywall

Before drywall was invented walls were built using lathe and plaster which, without going into detail in this article, was the process of spreading layer upon layer of wet plaster to build up an approximately smooth wall. The process took a large amount of labor hours to complete, so was very costly but didn’t have much waste. The invention of drywall meant a wall could be installed as a ‘dry’ ‘wall’ i.e. the majority of the finished wall was installed dry. The joints between the boards would still need to be made smooth but the vast majority of the surface was smooth the moment the board was hung onto the wall. The board is manufactured wet, dried under high pressure between layers of paper and shipped to the building to be installed. The board is then cut to the size needed to fit into the space required and then the joints are then filled and smoothed to give one complete smooth wall.

Can Wall Fixers still repair sheetrock? Of course we can, in fact we can repair lathe and plaster too. If you have a repair needed on a wall or a ceiling we can help. Call Wall Fixers at 801-883-9220 Be it drywall vs sheetrock or plaster vs drywall we are here to help.