Drywall Flood Water Damage, what to do next?

Drywall Water Damage
Drywall Flood Water Damage in the basement!

Drywall flood water damage happens. Our houses are meant to protect us from all the elements outside but sometime water ends up where we just don’t want it.

Are you wondering if you have water damage? Feeling the texture of the wall can be an indicator, does the wall feel cold/damp?

You can usually spot water damage pretty easily. There may be a hairline fracture in the wall or ceiling to see. If more water came through may even see a bubble or droop depending on how much water has came in.

This should determine whether or not you will need a professional.

If you decide to try to repair the damage on your own, here are a couple tips in getting you started on your wall repair.

You will want to wait for the water to stop leaking and have a chance to dry. Even if it appears the water has stopped leaking, it may be still be leaking behind the wall.
Once the wall has had a chance to dry, you will want to cut out the damaged part of the wall. Leaving the damaged area open for several days (we recommend a week) maybe a good idea to allow all of the water to dry to help prevent any mold damage.

Below is some equipment you will need in preparing for your repair:
Sharp razor knife
Hawks and mud pans
Face mask

This should help you get started. However, it never hurts to have a professional come look at the damage to see just how major it is.

Rather you be safe and help prevent any further damage to the wall or house.

Wall Fixers happily serves the Salt Lake area. We are licensed and fully insured for your protection.

Wall Fixers would be happy to be the professional that you call today. 801-883-9220

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