Flood Damage to Drywall in 4 steps

So you had a water pipe burst or somehow water got into the house and now you have flood damage to drywall. Lets run through the process in getting you put back together.

First Step

Get the water leak stopped, this may sound obvious but if the water came from outside it can be hard to find. There isn’t too much point in looking at repair until the source has been stopped.

Second Step

Identify the wet and damaged drywall and cut out the wet part of the wall(s) or part of a ceiling. The next step is to allow the area to dry. If you need help getting to this stage, we recommend getting a disaster specialist company in to do that clean up and drying of the flood damage to drywall. If you are not sure who then we would recommend Servpro of West Valley City. Our contact there is Randy Young, his direct number is 801-518-2007 we trust him and you can tell him you found him here. He will be able to arrange the finding of the water leak, the cutting out of the damage areas and getting the drying going.

Third Step

If you’ve already done the last two stages then you’re thinking about putting your life back together. Part of this will be the replacement of the drywall, maybe baseboard and painting too. This video shows what it may look like when a “flood cut” has been made when there is flood damage to drywall. I also explain our process in putting this back together for you.

So you can see from this video that once the flood damage to drywall has happened it’s not the end of the world. We can install drywall for you, matching it back in with the rest of the wall or ceiling. That includes making sure the texture matches too, regardless how bizarre the texture might be. Yes, we have done textures with sand in them, even some that were originally done 100 years ago!

Fourth Step

Once the drywall is installed and it all matches back in, it’s ready for the baseboard to be installed and then painted.

If you don’t want to do it yourself we can help with the process, if you’d like us to. Just give us a call and we can get the project estimated for you quickly. Wall Fixers 801-883-9220