How to repair cracks on a drywall corner….the right way

Our latest video about how we view and repair a crack on q drywall corner. It also covers how to repair these corners for the long term and not just a quick fix today.

We know it is so tempting to just fill in the crack with some drywall joint compound aka drywall mud and move on. However, this won’t stand the test of time. If a crack has appeared it needs to be taken a little more seriously otherwise it will just be back again in no time. A drywall corner is often an area where we see a cracks appear. The video below explains how we need to put screws into the drywall corner to hold the corner and then apply the joint compound. Its an extra step and the repair takes a little longer. However,¬†we want to be leaving customers in the knowledge that our work is great and its unlikely we will hear about that same problem ever again.

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