How to repair drywall in 4 steps, its easy honest……..

Wall Fixers drywall repair in 4 steps
Wall Fixers drywall repair in 4 steps

How to repair drywall in 4 steps, okay we compressed a lot into this how to but here they are:

Step 1: Prep, drywall is notorious for being dusty work so lay cloths down, have a vacuum on hand and move all furniture you can out the way. Clean out all loose drywall from the hole and cut it into a square using a drywall saw.

Step 2: Install drywall clips (we are the distributor for these clips to other contractors, you can find them on Amazon). The drywall clip is screwed onto the back side of the wall with one screw on each clip, as you can see in the top right corner of the picture.

Step 3: Measure and cut a piece of drywall to usually 1/4 inch smaller than the size of the hole on each side. Then add another screw to the clip to hold the new drywall in place. Remember homes in Utah usually have 1/2 or 5/8 inch thick drywall board. As you see in the bottom right picture.

Step 4: Use a paper, mesh or fiba tape over each joint in this example all 4 side of the repair. Then apply a joint compound of ultra light or regular joint compound. Wait for this to dry, lightly sand and then reapply over each joint. Finally put on a top coat of finishing compound, wait for it to dry and then lightly sand to smooth. You can also replace joint compound with a fast setting compound to speed the process up but these are harder to work with and they set harder so are more difficult to sand. It should look like the picture in the bottom right once it is done.

Once the drywall repair is complete we always recommend using a good primer over the whole of the repaired area and then go on with the color to match it back in. Then comes the clean up and may be when you wish you had put even more cloths down to catch the dust.

If this seems a little overwhelming well it can be but we are here to help. How to repair drywall is an art form, no two wall or ceiling repairs are the same. We specialize in how to repair drywall from even smaller than this repair up to repairing a whole wall. We make sure every step in the process is perfect, ensuring that you will love the final product. We haven’t even touched on how to repair drywall textures but we can do this for you too. Let us know if you need help anywhere in Salt Lake County 801-883-9220