How To Repair After Wainscoting Removal

Wainscoting Removal (Wood Panel)

Well wainscoting or otherwise know as wood panelling has often been popular over the years but if you recently bought a home with it, you may want wainscoting removal to happen.

Initially the wainscoting removal seems pretty easy a crowbar or hammer can peel the board off pretty quickly however, what are you going to be left with????

Glue after wainscoting removal

We have a proven method to repair after all you have is these glue marks, the video here explains more.

1. The wainscoting removal is done by a crowbar or hammer peeling away the thin paneling.
1. All the glue marks need to be scraped off the wall and sometimes this does damage the surface of the drywall. Along with any ridge of paint or caulk that is making the wall uneven.
2. The whole area is primed with a primer where the wainscoting removal process left damages. This is done as exposed paper on the drywall will bubble once joint compound is applied. Primer seals the paper to the board and stops/reduces this problem.
3. Once the wall is dry a thin layer of joint compound is smoothed over the glue marks. If the wall is badly damaged like in the video then the whole section of wall is skimmed several times.
4. The whole skimmed area is sanded lightly and inspected for small touch ups.

The skimming takes some skill to master so if you have trouble, give us a call and we can get it done for you. Wall Fixers 801-883-9220