Picking the Right Drywall Compound for Your Repair

Which drywall compound to use.
Which drywall compound to use???

Need to repair drywall in your house? Picking the right drywall compound is a very critical part of the repair process.

The type of drywall compound you choose to use, is important to ensuring the job is done properly. Depending on the type of job you are doing will help you determine what type of putty you will need for the job.

Here are a few different types of compound:

  1. Topping Compound – Contain less adhesive than other type of compound. It makes them easier to sand and is better for finals coats. Topping compounds are used more for filling gaps, bedding tape, filling seams or corners and sometimes for top coats.
  2. Taping Compound – used for taping and for second coats. This drywall compound is very strong. It resists cracking and has very little shrinkage as it dries.
  3. All-purpose Compound –  can be used for all phases of drywall finishing. It can be used from taping to the final coat or even the texture. This is the most commonly used compound. However, it does not have the same stability or strength as when taping and topping compound are used together.
  4. Lite All-purpose Compound – Lite all-purpose is offered in all different types of compounds. It can be used for taping and finishing wallboard joints, fasteners, corner trimming, patches and repair of plaster wall. It is just a lighter weight compound.

Hopefully you now have a starting point as to what type of putty you may need. Below are a few steps to get you started on applying the drywall compound:

  • Drywall board must be ready
  • Mix the mud
  • Paper or mesh tape
  • Right tools
  • Finishing order
  • Size of work area when taping
  • Start second coat immediately
  • Second coating corners
  • Second coat has lift marks
  • Use the right sealer/primer

Even if you follow these few tips, you may still need a professional. If so, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We would be more than happy to lend a hand! 801-883-9220

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