Plaster Repair for Cracked Walls…we can help

Crack Up Plaster Repair
Crack Up Plaster Repair

Wall Fixers is specialized in fixing the most custom of plaster repair situations. Have a wall that is a real crack up? We have the right solution to get the job done right!

How we can help

We work on the most varied of projects you can imagine. Homes from the 1800s up to homes under construction. Plaster repair can be very complex as the original install was all done by hand in a very laborious way. Many coat of material are spread over the wall and slowly build back up. Plaster can be very strong but once it is broken the cracks can go on and on. We are happy to help with these issues, we have the experience and the tools to make the wall or ceiling look like it never had a problem.

From when our estimator comes out to meet you to the job being completed we take the time to assess what is needed and then work tirelessly on your project.

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