Swamp Cooler Drywall Repair of the old hole!

We can help with a swamp cooler drywall repair of that old hole. So you have upgraded to a central AC system, what to do about that hole left by the swamp cooler?
Since it is summer and we want to make sure you stay cool. We have decided to run a special to help you get started on that new AC you have always wanted. We are offering to remove your swamp cooler vent and controller once you have central AC installed. We will repair any drywall damaged in removing the swamp cooler vent as well as the controller, install new drywall and match any type of texture you have in your house. It will look like you never had that swamp cooler ever before. All for $350! What a steal!
If you still use your swamp cooler and just have damage around it we can help with that too, we do all types of swamp cooler drywall repair. Removing out the old damaged drywall and installing new back in and matching the ceiling texture so it looks like it was never damaged in the first place.
*Restrictions are 8ft ceiling height. Also, there can’t be any leaks from it than need a repair bigger than 5ft by 5ft on a ceiling.  We will also need you to have the power cut to the old swamp cooler controller. Call today to talk over details or for more questions.

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