Green board when to use ? What is green board?

What is all this talk about ‘green board’?

If you’ve talked to a contractor about doing a remodel with a kitchen/bathroom involved they may have mentioned ‘green board’. Lets dispel a few myths.

– Is waterproof – No, its water resistant its still made of gypsum so still absorbs water.

– It is for putting tile on – In theory yes you can put tile on green board but we wouldn’t advise it. Green board is made of gypsum which still expands if it does get wet and its breaking strength is no higher than any other drywall board. Use a concrete board for tiling on. Yes, a drywall company suggesting not to use drywall!

– It will stop mold – No, it will reduce the chance of mold growth in wet areas but is not guarantee against it.

Here is a quick video of what we mean by green board.

What is green board:
It is a gypsum based drywall board manufactured for the purpose of being installed around areas that have water in the vicinity. For example, behind bath surrounds and around sinks. The surface of the board has a green tint so it is easily identified against other drywall board.

When to use it:
It reduced the growth of mold but a side affect is that the board swells more when it goes get wet. Which is one of the downsides, so putting green board on a ceiling is not recommended. As it swells with water its likely hood of falling greater.

All in all it is a useful product in your home but you need to think carefully about where you are putting it. Its not for everywhere!

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